How can knowing English affect your income?

How can knowing English affect your income?

In every country and in every industry, a good command of English and ability translate english to hindi is one of the best ways to get a job with a prestigious salary. That is why billions of people around the world are learning English out of economic necessity. How, why and for what – we will tell below …

English is the language of world business. Many international companies, regardless of their location, are increasingly using English as their primary language. In Russia, these trends have not yet been widespread, but it is only a matter of time. Of course, in our time it is easier for native English speakers to find a well-paid job, but for residents of countries where this language is not official, this is also quite realistic, you just need to study. Although it is often not free, experts around the world agree that the money you spend on learning English is the best investment in your future! And remember that employees with good English can generally expect higher incomes, so your investment will pay off pretty quickly! Recruiters and HR managers report that job seekers with excellent English earn 30-50% higher salaries compared to their country level.

Are there many global corporations in the Russian market?

We are sure that this question immediately came to your mind. Of course, compared to the Asian or European markets, Russia does not have such a huge number of global companies where English is the main language. But such companies exist. Until recent events, there were a sufficient number of them.

It is worth saying that even if you work for a company that does most of its business in the country, you never know when you might need English, especially in the context of the continued growth of the global economy. Many companies that have been focused on local markets for decades are becoming global corporations in recent years. English-speaking employees in these companies tend to be able to move quickly in their new international divisions. On the other hand, your company may end up being bought by a foreign firm and they will definitely be looking for native English speakers to work with. So no matter where you are, English can help you reach the top!

We have given only a few possible scenarios translate spanish to english as an example. In fact, there may be many more. For example, there are professions where knowledge of English is simply necessary for good earnings and career growth. So let’s take a look at some of them…

Of course, this is an IT-sphere

This includes almost all branches of this area – from testers to web developers. It is hard to imagine an IT specialist who does not speak at least basic English. This is really important in this area. Professional literature is mostly not translated into Russian. A good specialist can also find remote work for a company abroad. Of course, such companies pay 2-3 times more than similar companies in Russia.

Next come no less popular nowadays copywriters, seo-specialists, graphic designers, etc.

All these specialties are now commonly called freelancers – people who work remotely. Of course, you can also write content plans, write articles or create design projects in Russian. But, knowing English, completely different opportunities will open before you. Entering the international market can at least double your income, which you have, working only with Russian clients.

Nowadays, English-speaking specialists are valued much more. Of course, good English is not a guarantee that you will find your dream job in one day, but the likelihood of this is higher. So learn the language!

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